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ICU Rehab Resource Sheet
Frequently updated list of ICU Rehabilitation resources and conferences.
Version 10.25.2021

Additional ICU Rehab Resources
Additional information on how to implement a multi-disciplinary ICU Rehab team in your hospital.
Frequently updated list of ICU Rehabilitation resources

Helpful Links
Outcomes After Critical Illness and Surgery (OACIS) Group at Johns Hopkins University
OACIS is a multidisciplinary clinical and research group focused on understanding and improving patient outcomes after critical illness and surgery. OACIS activities include clinical quality improvement projects and research focused on longitudinal, long-term patient outcomes assessments, with the evaluation of physical, cognitive, and mental health outcomes.

Mobilization Network
Mobilization Network is focused on early mobilization and rehabilitation of ICU patients throughout the critical care and recovery pathway. | Publications List:

Improving Long-Term Outcomes Research for Acute Respiratory Failure
This is an NIH-funded research infrastructure project that created free resources to assist clinical researchers in conducting long-term outcome studies by creating and disseminating practical tools for maximizing patient cohort retention for longitudinal long-term outcomes research studies. As well as to create and disseminate statistical tools and programs to appropriately address truncation due to mortality when analyzing long-term functional outcomes in this patient population.

Critical Illness, Brain Dysfunction and Survivorship (CIBS) Center at Vanderbilt University
CIBS is an inter-professional team focused on patients who are or have been, critically ill and who have suffered from delirium and are at risk for long-term cognitive, functional, and neuropsychological impairments.

Asia Mobilization Network
Asia Mobilization Network is an organization, composed of multi-disciplinary healthcare professionals who are dedicated to developing early mobilization programs in the ICU.