Healthy Design

Healthy Design

The Exersides Refraint Restraint Reduction System is just what the doctor ordered–or what the Therapist & Nurse ordered! 

With 3 LEVELS you can titrate and minimize restraint SAFELY for EARLIEST MOBILIZATION & CMS COMPLIANCE. Click below for a Cost Reduction/Cost-Savings Analysis (CSA) for your committees – Be a Catalyst!!

Advocate for your patients: Significantly improve your impact with the Exersides® Refraint® – allow sedation minimization & SAFE at-will Active Range of Motion/AROM all while you’re tending to other duties! Prevent Delirium & Post-Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) as you reduce agitation and immobility complications.

Healthy Design was founded by ICU staff for ICU staff. We train/educate your team in Culture Change FREE with each order!

Bonus! Click 2nd image below for a Sneak Peek of:
     1. ExerGames for Exersides® Therapy Video Games for intubated patients
     2. DelTrain™VR Virtual Reality Delirium immersion experience and training

Contact Info: Marie Pavini, MD, FCCM, FCCP, President, (802)-821-1002,


Click below images for more information:

Click for customized Cost-Savings Analysis (CSA) & Brochure & Intro Video
Click for ExerGames & VR Delirium Immersion & Intro Video











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