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Jamar Health Products

Mobilize patients and realize better outcomes with PATRANĀ® slide sheets from Jamar Health Products. PATRAN slide sheets reduce caregiver and patient injuries, provide patient comfort and promote infection control across the continuum of care.

Use a PATRAN up to 50 times with a single patient for more than 25 safe patient-handling and mobility tasks. Versatility makes a PATRAN slide sheet the go-to tool at all stages of patient progression.

Single Patient, Multiple Uses:

  • Boosting, turning, repositioning in all directions
  • Mobility activities and rehabilitation exercises
  • Inserting slings and more
  • Fall recovery
  • Vehicle transfers
  • Seated repositioning
  • Lateral transfer

PATRAN slide sheets are for use by health care professionals.

Slide to Safety

Made in the USA and FDA-registered, PATRAN slide sheets are latex free, static resistant, MR safe, radiolucent and recyclable.

A women-owned small business, Jamar holds a Veterans Affairs contract.

Contact info:Ā  Katie Klein, Marketing and Communications Manager, 414-529-5175, patrans@patran.net

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