Healthy Design

Healthy Design

The Exersides™ Refraint™ system, made by Healthy Design, is just what the doctor ordered – or should we say what the Therapist and Nurse ordered!

Advocate for your patients and significantly improve your bedside impact with the Exersides™ Refraint™ system which allows safe sedation minimization to allow comfortable at-will Active Range of Motion (AROM) while you tend to your other duties!

Take action to prevent delirium and post-intensive care syndrome (PICS), and encourage early mobilization, as you reduce agitation. This is a game-changing intervention with Early Adopters leading the way, so let us help you make the case to your institution.

Healthy Design was founded by ICU staff that wouldn’t stand by any longer trying to work with outdated equipment. We are expected to minimize restraint and sedation, care for isolation patients, promise families that we are doing everything we can, and prevent our own burn-out.

Now we can!

Contact Info: Marie Pavini, MD, FCCM, FCCP, President, (802)-821-1002,


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